tubi in cartone

Tubi in cartone per imballi per alimenti: una scelta sostenibile

I tubi in cartone per imballi per alimenti emergono come una soluzione all'avanguardia, coniugando praticità e responsabilità ecologica in un contesto attuale di crescente consapevolezza ambientale e ricerca di alternative sostenibili. In questo articolo, esploreremo...
Flat lay del concetto di riciclaggio.

Packaging sostenibile: i consumatori lo preferiscono

Il packaging sostenibile non è solo un contenitore, ma strumento di marketing e impegno aziendale per la sostenibilità ambientale. Oltre a proteggere i prodotti, comunica l'impegno aziendale verso l'ambiente, influenzando le scelte dei consumatori.   La tendenza...
Immagine di un packaging cilindrico per skincare

Packaging cilindrico: tubi sostenibili e versatili per diverse necessità

Il packaging cilindrico, in particolare nei tubi di cartone, è una soluzione versatile e sostenibile per una vasta gamma di settori. Non solo fornisce un'ottima protezione per i contenuti, ma si adatta perfettamente alle esigenze di imprese operanti nei settori che...
illustrazione di tubi di cartone sostenibile

Tubi cartone per spedizione: la scelta ideale per imballaggi sicuri

I tubi in cartone per spedizione giocano un ruolo cruciale nel garantire l'incolumità dei tuoi prodotti durante il percorso verso i clienti. Questa soluzione di imballaggio non solo si distingue per la sua affidabilità, ma è anche un'opzione ecologica, ideale per...

Personalized cardboard tubes: a personal touch

In the digital age in which we live, attention is often focused on technological innovations and industrial advances. However, there is still an old and reliable ally that is proving to have a special place in the hearts of businesses: customized cardboard tubes....

Cardboard Tubes for Reels: Which ones to choose

In manufacturing, packaging, and many other industries, reels are an essential tool for transporting and storing materials such as paper, fabrics, plastic films, adhesive tape, and more. But behind this simple object lies a fundamental choice: what kind of cardboard...



Are you looking for a trusted partner to meet your company’s needs and requirements, from design to final distribution? Are you looking for quality, guaranteed and certified products?

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First in Europe in the design and production of industrial cardboard cores, tubes and pipes, we at Tubitex have been a trusted partner for companies that rely on our expertise and certified experience for over 40 years.
Thanks to our qualified and specialised technical staff and the most advanced technologies, with which we design and produce ground cardboard tubes, pipes and cores, normal and spiralised we can offer you the customised product you are looking for, with the guarantee of the highest quality and help your business achieve excellence.

Every day we work to respond to all the needs and goals set before us, to offer you the best you can find on the market.


Innovation, passion, and attention to customer needs are the values that make Tubitex today a highly specialised company in the cardboard sector, solid and consolidated both nationally and internationally; this is why we are one of the most advanced cardboard tube and core manufacturers in Europe.

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An approach aimed at corporate sustainability

TUBITEX SPA uses more than 80% recycled raw materials for its products, totally reusing the waste water produced and, where possible, even the pallets delivered with the raw materials; more than 60% of the electricity used is of renewable origin, of which more than 65% is self-produced with its own photovoltaic plant.

In compliance with Italian DL 116/2020, it adopted the Digital Environmental Label for the correct disposal of its product packaging: Cardboard tubes, Film Cores.

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