supplier of cardboard tubes and pipes,

cores and coils

Looking for a reliable and certified cardboard tube supplier that meets your needs with customised, quality products? Tubitex has been providing its customers with expertise and experience in the production and supply of customised cardboard tubes, cores and reels for over 40 years.

From textiles to food to paper, depending on your needs, we offer you a tailor-made product, guaranteeing a continuous and scheduled supply, ready to respond to your every need.


As a manufacturer and supplier of cardboard cores, Tubitex is now a trusted partner of many companies, who have been relying on its professionalism and product quality for years to take their business to the top.

With strict controls during the design and processing cycle and the support of the most advanced technical staff and equipment, we guarantee the best quality on the market, making us the leading supplier of cardboard tubes, cores and reels.

With Tubitex, Europe‘s leading manufacturer and supplier of customised cardboard reels, tubes, cores and tubes, you can be sure of receiving the product you are looking for to take your brand to the top.

Test the quality of our products and aim for excellence!

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