The environment is close to our hearts

let us introduce you to our photovoltaic system

We are able to know, respect and govern natural resources, our true and inalienable social capital. This is why we have equipped ourselves with an innovative photovoltaic system that offsets production energy consumption, but above all completes a technological innovation project on energy efficiency for which we have put all our efforts.

Tubitex photovoltaic plant: sustainable cardboard tube production

Inaugurated in May, the innovative photovoltaic plant was constructed in the Barbarano Vicentino factory. Perfectly integrated on the roof of the plant, it produces up to 770 kWp, about 785,000 kwh/year, an amount that can satisfy about 68% of the energy needs of the entire company production process and save 67.52 TOE (tonnes of oil equivalent), avoiding an annual total of 256,933 kg of CO2 to the atmosphere.
It was a project that we strongly desired because it is an integral part of our company policy aimed at environmental protection and sustainable development.
We believe that the production of clean and safe energy makes a substantial contribution to the well-being of the area and the community in which it operates.
The engineers in charge managed to find a perfect balance in the design of this plant despite the presence of roofs that are typologically different from each other and also characterised by different exposures. The roof in fact has barrel and pitched parts. For this reason, a multi-string system was designed that is suitable for different inclinations and orientations using polycrystalline silicon panels and panels with CIS (Copper Indium Diselenide” -CuInSe2) technology.

In accordance with the company’s energy policy, the plant is monitored in real time 365 days a year in order to intervene promptly in the event of any anomalies.
In the same project, we also took charge of disposing of the old asbestos roofing and its replacement, completing the last phase of a process that began in 2010 with a technological innovation and energy efficiency improvement project carried out in partnership with the Consorzio Nord Est Packaging and the Veneto Region.