Tubitex Integrity Platform meets the latest safety standards and best practices

The Tubitex Integrity Platform meets Whistleblowing regulations and complies with the latest security standards and best practices.

Tubitex promotes and considers the principles contained in the Group Code of Ethics to be fundamental values in carrying out its activities.

The Group Code of Ethics requires that employees, managers and top management comply with all applicable laws and regulations and fulfill their duties with honesty and integrity.

To the extent that ethical values and principles become the point of reference for the daily actions of all employees the Group’s collaborators, the basis for the correct and healthy functioning and development of the Company is strengthened, functional to the achievement of ambitious and sustainable objectives over time, in the interest of stakeholders, collaborators and territories in which it operates and enhancing on a global scale the reputation of its products and, consequently, of its name.

In this context and in compliance with regulatory requirements (Legislative Decree 231/2001) Tubitex has adopted a Reporting – Whistleblowing tool: Tubitex Integrity Platform.

The Reporting – Whistleblowing system is one of the most effective tools for identifying misconduct, and employee reports play a crucial role.

The Tubitex Integrity Platform meets Whistleblowing regulations and complies with security standards (ISO 37001:2016) and the latest best practices.

By using the Tubitex Integrity Platform employees, collaborators, consultants, suppliers and any other third parties who have a relationship with the Group may report, in order to protect the Group’s integrity, unlawful conduct or conduct that does not comply with the Code of Ethics, internal procedures, current laws and regulations, the Organization, Management and Control Model (Organizational Model 231) for the Group’s Italian companies that have adopted it, or the internal procedures adopted by the Group. Reports should be substantiated and based on objective data rather than personal suspicions or evaluations, and can also be made anonymously.

The Integrity Platform is managed by an independent third-party company, EQS Group AG, to protect the identity of all who use it. In fact, the Group is committed to protecting the confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower and ensuring that no retaliatory or discriminatory act, whether direct or indirect, is taken against the person who has made reports in good faith.

Alongside this channel, a Whistleblowing Committee has been established to thoroughly evaluate each report, perform specific case investigations where necessary, and take consistent and appropriate action.