Pinterest Predicts 2023: paper at the heart of wellness and creativity

Pinterest, one of the world’s most popular social networks, is used by more than 400 million people to find inspirations and helpful suggestions for planning their future. For the past few years, the image social network has also been offering an in-depth analysis of these searches, selecting about 30 trends considered most promising for the incoming year.

The report “Pinterest Predicts 2023” states that paper will be at the center of the well-being and creativity of Internet users, particularly the younger generation. In particular, Generation Z and Millennials consider paper the ideal medium to which they can entrust their most intimate emotions and like to engage in therapeutic activities that use writing to achieve greater mental and physical balance and well-being.

After so much “talk” about wellness and mental health, in fact, people now want to find creative outlets to feel better about themselves. The analysis shows strong growth in searches related to therapeutic art journal (+3755%), therapeutic writing (+1840%), and journal writing (+220%).

In addition, the report identifies a growing public interest in the creative use of paper, the absolute protagonist of a new artistic trend that stems from the need to move away from the digital world and engage again in manual activities. Paper thus becomes a material to be reinterpreted through artistic achievements such as paper rings (+1725%), paper animals (+385%), origami (+175%), paper mache furniture (+60%) and quilling (the technique that uses paper curls to draw), which registers +60%.

Paper as an expression of creativity

Paper has become a means of expressing one’s creativity and rediscovering the pleasure of manual labor, of activities that require concentration and patience. In an increasingly fast-paced and hectic world where technologies seem to dominate every aspect of life, paper represents a kind of return to basics, a way to rediscover the beauty of simple and authentic things.

In this context, therapeutic art journaling is a popular activity among young people seeking to find inner balance and express their emotions through paper. Writing, drawing, coloring are activities that help to relax and focus on the present, promoting mental and physical well-being.

In conclusion, the Pinterest report highlights how paper has become a key element in people’s well-being and creativity. The desire to move away from the digital world and to re-engage in manual and creative activities results in an increasing search for inspiration and suggestions related to paper, which is reinterpreted through increasingly innovative and original artistic techniques.