Tubitex participates in Interpack edition 2023

Interpack is the world’s leading exhibition of packaging solutions and processes. It is held at Messe Düsseldorf (the exhibition center) every three years. This year it will be held May 4-10, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Tubitex will be one of the exhibitors.

The organization of the fair

With 2715 exhibitors at the fair ready to showcase the latest innovative products and services, the fair is divided into clearly defined industry areas:

  • Confectionery and baked goods: Halls 1,3 and 4 are dedicated to processes and machines for packaging confectionery and baked goods using sustainable materials.
  • Food, beverages, non-food and industrial goods: more sustainable packaging solutions for these sectors can be found at Halls 5,6, 11 and 14. Hall 13 pays special attention to beverage bottling and packaging methods.
  • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics: Halls 15 and 17 present innovative processes and machinery, for the packaging of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
  • Packaging and packing materials: Halls 7, 7a, 8, 9 and 10 are the most important halls of the fair, as they contain at least one-third of the exhibitors. Materials, adjuvants and finished packaging products are shown here. Emphasis is placed on recycling and resource conservation.
  • Labeling, marking and finishing: Halls 8a and 8b showcase technological innovations in these areas.
  • Components: Hall 18 gives interpack participants access to the components fair. In addition to there being new proposals for components, equipment and peripheral devices; the 81 exhibitors also offer technology solutions for improving industrial software, complete automation systems, drives, control units, sensors, industrial imaging and handling technologies.


Topics covered

The most important sustainability issues will be discussed during the fair, in particular:

  • The circular economy: keeping resources in circulation as long as possible, making the most of recycling and reducing waste. Finding long-lived reusable packaging solutions while meeting the requirements of the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
  • Resource efficiency: using fewer materials but maintaining (or even increasing) quality. Make use of renewable energy sources during the production phase. Use of appropriate machinery, reducing carbon dioxide emission. Understand whether current materials can be reused, or whether we need to switch to new, biodegradable materials.
  • Digitization: what are the risks and benefits of digitization and automated operations. In what areas would it be advantageous to flank employees with digital solutions. Automating parcel sorting with digital watermarks. Using artificial intelligence to improve recycling.
  • The safety of products: use of X-ray systems to avoid foreign bodies in food. Employ QR codes to provide consumers with additional product information. Use software to detect metal impurities in dry foods, or inform patients if medications are stored improperly. Find other methods to show expiration date on packages.


Tubitex’s services

Tubitex is Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of industrial cardboard tubes, pipes and cores. We offer customized, fully recyclable and 100% environmentally friendly pipes. Our raw materials have zero environmental impact. We are constantly developing new technological solutions to improve the quality and sustainability of our products: adopting new technologies, testing innovative materials and alternative production methods. Our products are varied: ranging from paper mills to textiles to food. Come visit us at interpack! We are in Hall 10, booth B57. https://www.interpack.com/en/Interactive_hall_plan?action=showExhibitor&actionItem=2684047&_event=interpack2023