Why choose recycled cardboard tubes

Why choose recycled cardboard tubes

Recycled cardboard tubes are growing in popularity and are chosen by a large number of companies active in various industries. What are they and are they preferred to those made from other materials? In this article we answer these questions, thus providing an overview of recycled cardboard tubes and the benefits they bring to those who use them.

What are recycled cardboard tubes

I recycled cardboard tubes are lightweight and durable objects that play a key role not only in industrial production but also in the logistics sector. Fabric wrapping, containment, postal shipping and packaging are some of the many applications of these products.

The material from which they are made, recycled cardboard, consists of about 95 percent recycled fibers; the remaining 5-10 percent comes from adhesives and resins. Through extensive research processes, Tubitex is able to offer its customers different varieties of products, as manufacturing companies have different needs different and variable.

Choosing recycled cardboard tubes: the advantages

Below we explore in detail the three main advantages that recycled cardboard tubes offer. Why do they represent an advantageous choice?

They are versatile

Recycled cardboard tubes meet widely varying production needs, and their flexibility allows them to be made in as many, if any, sizes, thicknesses, colors and coatings as desired. The following is a non-exhaustive list of all the parameters that can be customized:

  • Diameter;
  • Height;
  • Weight
  • Robustness;
  • Surface;
  • Endurance;
  • Features protective or special features.

All their components, from caps to coating (printed, adhesive, embossed, rectified, with notches, reliefs, engravings, carvings, etc.) are also customizable ad hoc: this feature makes them ideal for meeting the visual identity and branding needs expressed by the customer.

They are reliable

Recycled cardboard is distinguished by its flexibility, light weight and strength, characteristics that make it a reliable material for being distributed all over the world, even in the presence of delicate objects. They are also perfect for wrapping fabrics, window dressing and packaging. Some are so solid that they are used in the construction industry.

They respect the environment

Recycled cardboard tubes are a key support for sustainable logisticse, as they provide an answer to companies’ production needs without having a negative impact on the environment.
Using recycled cardboard helps to reduce resource waste, curb the increase in waste and improve the environment in which we live.

Sensitivity to environmental issues is also increasingly appreciated by customers and the public.

Tubitex recycled cardboard tubes

You can contact Tubitex to incorporate recycled cardboard tubes into their production process. high quality, durable, and tailored to specific applications. We are a flexible company, ready to accommodate the demands of manufacturing companies and meet them with a guarantee of professionalism and expertise.