Recycled cardboard tubes: merits and advantages

Cardboard tubes are very important items for industrial production and logistics and shipping activities. They are frequently used for postal shipments, packaging, containers and fabric wrapping.

Recycled cardboard tubes: merits and advantages

Recycled cardboard tubes are functional products for different production needs and can be made in any shape, size, thickness, color and coating desired. Recycled cardboard is a decidedly flexible and lightweight yet durable and reliable material. It demonstrates excellent strength, making it suitable for making containers for delicate and shipping products.

Tubes can also be customized in terms of caps and coating to meet the branding and communication needs of the client.

Recycled cardboard tubes are important supports for eco-friendly logistics and shipping: cardboard is a material that can be easily brought back to life so as to meet the needs of industries without impacting the environment. The paperboard used in the tubes is made from 95% recycled fiber, with the remaining 5-10% made from recyclable resins, adhesives, or special papers.Cardboard tube, core and reel production

It is estimated that in the European Union more than 70 percent of cardboard tubes are recovered, reflecting the usefulness of this material in multiple industrial applications. This lightens the burden on landfills and meets the production needs of companies without impacting the environment.

Today 80 percent or more of the cardboard tubes used in Europe have applications involving packaging and other purposes.

Cardboard composite tubes therefore are environmentally friendly products definitely appreciated by companies that want to meet their production needs by making use of natural resources brought back to life. Thanks to extensive research processes today we can make use of recycled paperboard varieties adapted to the different production needs of companies. The cardboard tube industries from this point of view are very attentive to the needs of the public to see their needs fulfilled without thereby burdening nature more than necessary.

Cardboard tubes made in Italy can be customized in terms of design, diameter and height, shape and structure, stability and strength, and protective functionality. Low weight and high strength make cardboard tubes suitable for worldwide shipping tasks.

They can be filled easily and used to get the product to the recipient in a short time!

Tubitex is a flexible company, ready to accommodate your requests and meet your needs. We make high-quality cardboard tubes of different sizes for paper mills depending on the required applications. Lightweight and sturdy products for all kinds of packaging and shipping!

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