Anime and cardboard tubes: what you need to know to choose them

Cardboard tubes might seem like marginal elements in the industrial production process. In fact, just think about how important they are for shipping paper products. Employing containers that are actually good for shipping allows items to be preserved and transported so that they are not damaged.
Tubes, tubes, cylinders, cardboard cores and rings are quality custom-made products that are definitely important for packaging and shipping purposes.

Souls and cardboard tubes: why they are so important

Cardboard tubes are versatile items used in multiple industries, such as textiles, shipping and wrapping. These are very important quality containers and packaging to ensure on-time delivery of goods and their intact transfer.
The cardboard cores are made to tailor to customers’ needs for sizes and widths with and without pvc and metal caps.

Anime and cardboard tubes: what to know to choose them

Cardboard tubes are popular packaging elements in the industrial sector. Of course, cardboard tubes can be customized in shape, length, and color to meet the brand’s needs for aesthetics and documentation.

Cardboard tubes and rings are made of nontoxic and recyclable material whose qualities vary depending on the type of container to be made.

Cardboard tubes are used for the needs of:
● postal shipments
● packaging
● fabric winding
● construction
● window dressing
● item placement and shipping

Cardboard tubes and rings must be firm and strong so as to ensure the proper transfer of goods. Failure to do so may result in the risk of production plant downtime with consequent impact on costs. The cardboard tubes are perfectly recyclable, in line with a proper environmental policy and the company’s focus on eco-friendly enterprises.

Making sturdy yet lightweight, strong and reliable cardboard tubes and cores are cornerstones of the production process and are the result of special attention paid to the customer.

Tubitex rectified cardboard tubes: why choose them

Tubitex makes cardboard tubes and cores from high-quality materials that meet strict quality standards.

Tubitex rectified cardboard tubes have a distinctly smooth outer surface and are free of the ripples produced by the combination of finishing papers, especially at the spiral track between the two cardboard strips.

The cardboard tubes we propose present
● dimensional constancy;
● high straightness;
● Absence of eccentricity;
● High strength in relation to the requirements of end applications;
● versatility depending on use
● low surface roughness and waviness