Anime e tubi di cartone resistenti


For the specific requirements of high performance windings, we have created a rectifying system which produces glossy cardboard cores, with a rectified and polished surface, which can offer optimum performance in terms of low-thickness film winding.

Our processing allows us to optimise and perfect the ability to rewind plastic and special film, permitting use right up to the final turn.

Out tubes have a particularly smooth and non-undulating external surface which derives from the juxtaposition of the finishing paper, in particular where the trace of the spiral runs between the two strands of cardboard.

Thanks to our experience in the sector we have designed and created a product which allows for extremely high performance winding of normal film, both in terms of deformation resistance and speed, from the very start of the bobbin, cancelling the effects of product defects due to undulations on the bobbin transferred through the product to the outside.

The excellent finish obtained through the rectification process allows for further optimisation in speed and regularity when winding.

The quality of our product is the guarantee for what we are telling you:

  • consistency of dimensions;
  • high straightness;
  • complete lack of eccentricity;
  • high resistance (correlated to the requirements of final applications);
  • supply of pre-cut tubes, depending on use;

And furthermore:

  • low roughness and non-undulating surface (no damage to film close to the core).

IF WHAT WE HAVE SHOWN IS STILL NOT ENOUGH, do not hesitate to make a proposal with your SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS!